Monday, June 28, 2010

A Little Yellow Bicycle fun!!!!

Ok, so you saw the sneak!  Here's the real deal!!!!  I love this paper shabby chic!  It's call Fresh soon as I saw the laundry waving in the breeze, I knew what I had to do with the papers!

Removed for Publication

SuppliesLittle Yellow Bicycle Fresh Clothesline collection, 
American Crafts Thickers, Martha Stewart Micro Glass Beads
and Punch Around the page set, Maya Road Envelope,
Glue Arts, Helmar, and Fabri Tac Adhesives,
DMC Memory Thread, Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher,
May Arts Ribbon, Cat's Eye Ink,
Making Memories: Slice Machine, (Home Sweet Home/Spring Cards) and button

Ok, so see that flower??  And those clouds?  Well, they are both cut with my Slice from Making Memories!  LOVE IT!  Of course if you read my blog you know how much I do love it...hee hee.  And I have the Hands Free mat now and it makes it even better!  (hey plus it's pink!)  That flower is from the Spring card....I just cut it out once out of the blue and once out of pink.  Then I just trimmed up the pink and pop dotted it onto the blue flower.  Then...I thought it looked a little plain, so I added the beads to the center and ends of the petals.  In the middle I used Helmar Scrap's a puffy sort of glue that keeps it's shape as it the center is puffed up! 

And the clouds?  Well, I am going to tell the truth...they are actually SOAP bubbles!  They are from the Home Sweet Home cartridge.  I just cut out a couple of different sizes, inked the edges and then pop dotted them onto my layout.  It's taken me a bit to get comfortable to use die cuts.  But if you "think outside the box" they end up being really cute!  I think layering and accenting them just gives them a little pun intended!!!!!

So, here are close ups of both!
Removed for Publication

Well, that's it for tonight.  I am hoping to find out some news to share on the Kiki Art front this week.  I know something, but can't say anything yet!  It's the most EXCITING thing and the WORST thing about design team work!!!  

Have a Scrappy Kinda Day!!~~Katrina

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kiki Art Giveaway and such a cute card!!!

Hey everyone, there is a giveaway going on over at the Kiki Art blog....Kiki used the Amor line to create her daughters birthday invitations and they are oh so cute!!!!!

Check it out here!!!  Kiki' Inspiring post!!!!

Crop Results....

Well, I did pretty good at the crop getting stuff done.  Well, for me.  Some people can just whip stuff out left and right and practically get a whole book done, but not me!  I am a SLLOOOOOWWWW scrapper! I totally take responsibility for this and admit that I am part of that club.  I wish I could scrap faster, I would get a lot more done that way!

I got 3 layouts completely done, 1 card, and then one layout kit that was given to us at the crop pics.  In my defense, I did even "alter" the kit and made it my own.  I am not much of a "get a kit and do it exactly like the pic" kinda girl. :)  Imagine that.  I played with some Little Yellow Bicycle, Unity Stamps, and Echo Park.  I usually try to work on some DT stuff when I am cropping, just to get things done, but I wanted a "play" day to just create.  It was so fun and relaxing!  And yes...I am still recovering!  :) 

Here's one of my Echo Park layouts.  Well, I only did one layout with it and a card....but I haven't taken the card pic yet!  Echo Park is a new company and their papers are so cute.  I was so excited to finally get my hands on them.  You know me...I am a bright and fun paper kinda girl!!!

Supplies:  Echo Park Paper line Sweet Summertime,
American Crafts Thickers,Martha Stewart Border Punch,
EK Success Slimline Border Punch, Jen Allyson Photo Overlay,
Making Memories Slice Die and Studio Essentials card, 
Glue Arts and Fabri Tac Adhesives,
Cat's Eye Inks, Ribbon, Twine and Button-Generic.

I love watching these guys when walking them.  This pic was taken with a point and shoot camera and I couldn't get them all "bunched" together!  Hopefully with my new camera I will be able too! 

That's it for tonight...every time I look at this layout, it's making me want to scrap!  So I think I might just do that right now!  

Have a scrappy kinda day!!~~Katrina

I cropped and got my Scrappy on today!

Here's a peek at what I worked on today.  And let me tell you, I am in LOVE with Little Yellow Bicycle.  Their papers are wonderful to work with!  I can see me getting more of this company's paper...heaven!

How cute is this flower??  Tell me about it!

Kiki Art has some goings on behinds the looking for a "name" contest in the very near future.  And I am working on some fun stuff  (and there's news) for Kiki that I can't wait  to share with everyone!!
I attend ScrapaPalooza today.  It's is put on by Scrapbook Generations here in town.  I haven't attend a crop this big before...250 people!  The facility was great though...lots of room to spread out. Our local Design Team for Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker did some free mini classes for the event.  I had a lot of fun...but am pretty worn out!

This post is short and sweet. I don't know why I wait until the last minute to get packed and organized for a crop...well as organized as I ever am.....(those that know me will laugh at this!)  AND, why on earth do I think I have to print MORE pictures...when I have pics printed that aren't scrapped yet!

Have a scrappy kinda day!!~~Katrina

Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh my....I am so so excited!!!!!

Well, thru the wonder of Facebook you can meet all kinds of crafty creative people!  It is amazing some of the things they come up with.  I love handmade jewelry.  PERIOD.  The flashy jewelry stores are ok, but I usually don't find anything that "fits" my personality.  I am more of a "oh look a necklace made of hemp" kind of girl.  I have always been like that.  Well, along comes Beth Perry on Facebook.  I think I friended her?  not sure, but she was friends with several of my scrappy online friends.  And then I found out she made jewelry.

Well, she makes these necklaces out of fabric yo-yo's.  They are super cute and all of them are different.  She bunches them together in groupings and then adds either ribbon or a chain to make them a necklace.  So so so stinkin' cute!

I asked her about making a braclet form the yo-yo's and she said sure she would try it.  So here is what I am getting!!!!!!  Photo is by Beth Perry/Dirty Laundry

How adorable is this??????  I cannot wait to get it and wear it!!!!  So....if you are looking for a little something nice and fun for yourself, head over to Dirty Laundry!  Her motto is a little dirty, a little girly!  This girl is an amazing scrapbooker also!  Tell her I sent ya!!!!

On the scrappy front, I can't really post anything at the moment! There is some behind the scenes stuff going on behind the scenes, so mum is the word/pic for now.  I will leave you with a couple of pictures I took this weekend.

A storm was coming in when I snapped this one.  The storm turned out to be pretty fierce....lots of power outages around the city.  Luckily, not ours! 

 And then I love the arches at this church that is downtown.  I took a few minutes to snap a few pics, since the lighting was rather neat at the time.  Then I just turned it to B&W and added a photo frame from Holly McCaig. 

Alright, I think this post is done...I should be able to share something soon.  It's CHA time, so lots of things are kept under wraps right now!!!!!  Hopefully I will get some stuff done this weekend.  The local Nikki Sivils DT is going to Scrapapalooza here in town that is put on by Scrapbook Generation.  We are doing some mini classes during the crop.  It should be lots of fun!

Have a scrappy kinda day!!~~Katrina

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This is a quickie....KIKI ART SNEAK PEEK and Nikki Sivils DT Announcement

I SO need to be in bed right now.  I have to get up at 5 AM's 12:30 AM right now!

Here's the scoop tonight......

Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker announced her new design team read it here!!!!  All the ladies are majorly talented and so excited to be a part of the team!  And we are so happy to welcome them!  All the new ladies are linked on the blog to the right sidebar!!  Be sure to visit them and leave them some CONGRATS love!  They so deserve it.  :)

Here is the layout I did a sneak of a few days ago.  Absolutely LOVE my Slice, although you all know that by now!!!!

Unity Stamps, Making Memories Slice with Just Chillin' design card, 
Carina Gardner Photo collage overlay

How stinkin' cute are those shirts??  LOVE THEM!  And I made the hangers from some floral wire and needle nose pliers.  I made the collage in PSE with a Carina Gardner overlay.  So fun!

And it's official....I am ADDICTED to Unity Stamps!  They have such cute designs.  I have been wanting to try them for awhile and just kept putting off buying them.  Well, watch out, because I can see my collection growing quite quickly! :)  I am refraining from joining the kit of the least for now!  ;)

And I FINALLY got to sit and play with some of my Kiki Art goodies.  I can only show you a peek, since this will be up on Kiki Art's blog later in the week!  :)

And just for fun....I did a little peaceful protesting this weekend at the local Petland store.  I am all about rescuing animals and/or buying from REPUTABLE breeders...people who show their dogs at dog shows, screen for health problems, socialize their puppies, etc.  If you need more info, just email me!  Anyway, Petland buys their puppies from puppymills.  Puppymills are horrible places where the dogs always live in a cage, are bred time and time again, over and over, not socialized, no health screenings, etc.  The protest that we do is to inform people that Petland gets their puppies from such places.  Most places that sell puppies do.....I will not say all...but most do.    Anyway, Nikki Sivils and I are pretty passionate about this cause. So, we joined in on's a video that the local news had on.....
Protesters demonstrate in front of Petland Store in Springfield MO | KY3 News, Weather, Sports - Springfield, MO | Video

And I am not smart enough to try to embed the you will just have to go to the link.

Well, I am off to's 1 AM now and I am gonna be a bear tomorrow!

Have a Scrappy Kinda Day!!~~Katrina

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stop the Press.....THREE Days in a Row???? SNEAK PEEK!!!!

Well, how about this....I don't blog for a long time and then all of a sudden....WHAM, you can't get rid of me.  :)

You know it is getting close to that wonderful time we all look forward, not summer (remember I LOVE snow!).....CHA!!! whoo hoooooo!!!!  Someday I AM going to this.  My plan for this time just did not work out the way I wanted it to.  And other things came up in the meantime, so all works out the way it is supposed to.  But, that doesn't mean that I can't show you new and exciting things that will be hitting CHA this summer!!!

Ms. Kiki Art herself, Kiki, post a peek on the Kiki-Art blog and Facebook today.  And let me tell you, I didn't know anything about this one....and the sneak is "OH SO CUTE!" 
How fitting, since I LOVE turtles....adorable!  And I just love the fun!  AND I can't wait to see what else is up Kiki's creative sleeve!  :)  She's so cute and sweet....I would love to meet her in person someday!

And turtles....well, I took this pic when we went to the park the other day.  I love to look for turtles when we are walking around the lake.  I love how they peek their heads up to get air and just seem suspended there...floating.

When I went to resize the pic for the blog, I got to playing around in PSE trying to get the "glare" off of the water....well, when I used a masking overlay on it, I discovered that the camera hd actually captured the FISH IN THE WATER!  How cool is that?!  It's like finding a ghost in your picture after you have taken them!  Look right under my watermark and there is one fish....and then if you look under the turtle in that area there are a bunch of fish.  I think they are either perch or bluegill (not sure if my masking made them blue!)
And I projects...right?  Well....I am going to fix that this weekend!  I am getting my scrappy crafty self going and I am going to get some stuff done.  Have I told you that I LOVE my camera???  HA HA HA!!!!

Here's a pic. If you are conflicted about what kind of camera to has lots of information/reviews/etc that basically made up my mind on my purchase......

Yeah...just a little in love with it!!!!!  I don't think the crush is going to end anytime soon either!!!!!
Have a Scrappy Kinda Day!!~~Katrina

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Well, what do you think?????

I got bored with my blog background again, so I decided to change it up.  I found this site My Style and she has some CUTE CUTE stuff!!!  As soon as I saw this, I had to "scoop" it up!

Also, the generosity of the creative world is so wonderful!  I love that people "share" things that they have spent time creating and working on for others to enjoy.

Amanda from is one of those people! This site has TONS of free fonts for personal use and also for some commercial use.  If you read my blog, you know I do "signage" at work for our convenience stores.  Sale items, special promos, etc.  Well, my art budget is "zero" so I am all about the freebies, but I do my best to make sure the terms and if they are free for commerical use.  Well, I wasn't sure about Amanda's terms (for my work use...her terms are pretty clear), so I shot her an email today.  She replied so quickly and was so sweet to let me use them for my work!!!!  So, if you are in the market for some fonts, check out their site.  THERE'S A BUTTON ON THE SIDEBAR!  I know there are some of those fonts that I am going to use in my scrapbooking with my die cutting machine!  (that's when I get it up and going. ;)

Well, I can give you a sneak peek of a layout that will be up on the Nikki Sivils blog...but that's it!  So, here you go!

  How stinkin' cute is that shirt??!!!!!

I can tell you that I used my Making Memories Slice to die cut lots on this layout!  If you don't have room for a big die cutting machine, get the Slice!  I love mine to death.  And the hands free mat is AWESOME with it!  I seem to use my Slice all the time and I am always on the lookout for more cartridges for it!  And I have a neat technique that I need to perfect and then I will debut it here.  It uses the Slice and I discovered it right before I left for my business trip.  So, I haven't really had time to play with it and perfect it!  I will let you know as soon as I do!

Well, off to bed.....may storm tonight..I LOVE storms!!!!

Have a Scrappy Kinda Day!!~~Katrina

Monday, June 7, 2010

Insider Info....and more.....

Hey everyone!!!

One of the best parts of being on a design team is getting to see and play with all the new stuff!  Did you know that Summer CHA is in July?!  That is NOT that far away!  I have heard some "inside" stuff that is coming from Kiki Art and it is going to be SO SO fun!!!!  I can't leak any of those details yet, but Kiki has been busy creating and coming up with some fun stuff. :)  As soon as I can give you a peek, you will see it here on the blog.

Today, Nikki Sivils posted a peek of one of her new lines coming out at CHA!!!!  Take a look, it's so bright and cheery, I can't wait to play!!!  The name of the collection is "Blueberry Hill".  This paper is getting my mojo going just looking at it!

Well, that's it for today!  Here's another pic that I took with my new camera.....I am LOVING this camera..let me tell you!  This is Jetson...he loves to watch the trees behind our fence..(aka...SQUIRRELS!)


Have a scrappy kinda day!!~~Katrina

Sunday, June 6, 2010's JUNE???????

Hey's like I abandoned the blog right?  I kinda did and I really need to get back into it.  Ever just been so busy that time flies and everything that you did BEFORE you got busy, seems to be really hard to get back into?  Yep..that would be me right now.  I must have left the mojo somewhere between Missouri and Arkansas at some point and work has been crazy busy with everything.....people going on vacation, people on maternity leave, and that doesn't include me trying to catch up on my work.  :)

I have tried to scrap's not going well at the moment.  I have a couple of projects in the works, but haven't finished them yet (I seem to be doing more collecting than creating right now).  One project is for Kiki Art and the other is a Nikki Sivils project.  You need to check out those site too....Kiki Art has some AMAZING new DT members and Nikki Sivils is getting ready to announce her new DT this month!  How fun!!!

So, right now I have  just one layout to share with you, it's a Nikki Sivils layout that I created while at a charity crop. This layout is made with Ellie's Day Out collection.  SO CUTE and so fun!!  I love the pink background retro lamp looking paper!!  It's my favorite paper out of the collection, I think!
Supplies:  All Paper is Ellie's Day Out (Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker), 
Cute as a Button Buttons (Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker),
Glue Arts and Tombow Adhesive, EK Success border punch, May Arts twine

And since I DID take pics on my business trip to Arkansas, I will share a few of them.  Now...I TURNED around to take this next picture...Camels around here are not "rare" as there are exotic animal farms, etc.  It's just that I have NEVER seen a camel in a field with COWS!  I named him Joe and got to see him when I drove past him everytime except when I came home...they had moved him to the "back 40" as they say, when they move the animals to a different part of the field.  
And here is a pic of the Natural Bridge that is in Arkansas...I have some stories about the "driving" parts of the trip, but I will save them for another day, when I have nothing to post...let's just say it was an adventure!
And for other news...I got a NEW CAMERA!!!!  I deliberated between a Canon or Nikon.  But after much going back and forth, I settled on a Nikon D5000.  So far, I LOVE it...pretty easy to use, I just have to start "looking thru the lens" for shots that seem unique.  I like funky, different perspective type of pictures, so I am going to have lots of fun learning to take them!  All the pics that you have seen on the blog here so far have been from either a Sony Cybershot or the Arkansas ones were from my work camera which is a Canon SD750 (I think?  it's point and shoot!)  So here are a couple of pics that I took today with my new camera when we went to the park.......

Have a Scrappy Kinda Day!!!~~Katrina