The Dogs

If you are looking around the blog here, you know that the dogs are a big part of my life.  I advocate both responsible breeding and rescue.  Do your homework before you ever decide to bring a dog into your home.  Ask questions, research personality traits of the breeds, visit AKC dog shows and shelters.  Rescue is a wonderful thing and there are some wonderful pets out there thru rescue.  Sometimes rescue isn't for everyone and that is ok also.  If you do decide on going thru a breeder-please, Please, PLEASE go to a responsible breeder and not a pet store or puppy mill.  By going to a responsible breeder, you will know that your new family member is well socialized and that the breeder cares for the puppy/dog just as much (or more) than you do. The breeder should sell on spay/neuter contract only and the breeder will be there for you thru out your pet's life.  We have made some great lifelong friends from finding responsible breeders. Feel free to contact me with any questions about how to find a responsible breeder.  

On to the dogs!  All four here are Cardigan Welsh Corgis.  These are the older of the two Corgi breeds.  Most people are familiar with the Pembroke Welsh Corgi aka "the Queen's dogs".  There are differences in the two breeds.  The most obvious is Cardigans (or Cardis for short) come in more colors and have tails.  

Photo by April Turner/UTurn Studios
Used with permission

She is considered a mismark (meaning not a show dog) because of her 1/2 white 1/2 brindle face

He is considered a fluffy, which is not a correct coat type for the show ring.

He is considered a mismark, because he has one blue eye.  Only blue merles, like Jetson, can have blue eyes and be show dogs.

Gone, but not forgotten...
Fannie and Toby
Higgins reminds us a lot of Toby.  Toby came from a shelter and was a mix.  They said he was a beagle/basset mix, but we aren't so sure he wasn't part corgi.

Fannie is what started the whole corgi craziness.  She was a Pembroke.  She was quite bossy, demanding, loud and she was my heart dog.  I miss her terribly and still have a hard time even thinking about scrapping memories of her.