Pumpkin Latte Treat Boxes for Paper Bakery

This is my week for tutorials it seems!  I was up over on the Paper Bakery blog on Monday with this one.  I thought I would go ahead and share it here too.   These were made with the October Pumpkin Latte Scrapbook kit.  I loved all the papers so much, it was hard to cut into them!  


1. Select your papers and cut them.  For these I cut the following sizes: Eat Box (8.50 x 5.50 inches), Yum Box (7.00 inches by 4.50 inches), Good Stuff Box (7.50 x 5.00 inches)


2. Apply adhesive to one short side and one long side, see picture below.


3. Roll each piece of paper into a tube, rolling from short side to short side.


4. On the long end with the strip of glue, pinch together the end of the tube.  When you are done with this step, they should look like this.


5.  Then apply some adhesive dots to the inside of the open rim of the tube.  I used Zots, because you can place them on there and they still have a protective cover over the dot, so it makes it easy to still add treats.  Then close the tube diagonally from the opposite end.


6.  The container should look like this when closed.


7.  This step is optional.  You can run the ends thru a paper crimper for added detail.  OR you could tie a bow around one end.


And then decorate you boxes with what you have laying around!  I had some left over chipboard pieces from the Pumpkin Latte scrapbook kit, which worked perfectly on my containers!




I cannot believe October is just getting close to being over! Try these out before the month is over, or they would be great on the table at Thanksgiving.  I will be back tomorrow with a layout share!  Thanks for stopping by today!

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