Spreading a Little Happiness with Paper Issues Insta-Parade

It's Saturday, at least I think it is!  I have been following "stay at home" orders and also working from home, so now I am never sure what day it is!!  

Paper Issues is having another Insta-Parade to share a little "Happiness" and I jumped in to play and parade along!

And what could bring more  happiness than corgis and dinosaurs?!  Let's take a closer look at some of the details.

I have loved Cocoa Vanilla Studio since Zoe first started her company.  I cannot always get my hands on it, but when I have a chance I try to.  This collection is a boy heaven collection for sure!!  The colors and embellishments are perfect for scrapping all those boy adventures.

And here's the little logo you will see around on Instagram if you hop along.  That will let you know that person is part of of the Parade!

These pictures are from when we went to the Cardigan Nationals and we stopped along the way at a "tourist trap" roadside attraction.  It's called Uranus Fudge Factory and well, I will just let you go from there.  They DO have really good fudge and fun candy that you cannot really find any more....but they also have DINOSAURS!!!  

When I saw that you could stand with your head inside the mouth of the T-Rex and take pictures, well, you know what had to happen next!

Carleen is hiding in the back somewhere holding the dogs up, while I was snapping pics.  LOL You can tell Jetson was quite excited about having his picture taken!

Little tags usually get tucked in behind something when I use them, but this time I decided to staple one at the bottom of my page.  I also doodled all the way around the outside, just to make my layout stand out more.  I do NOT get too precise when I do this...it's probably the only thing I don't obsess over getting in right!  

And then there was Sheldon, who was NOT happy about getting his picture taken!  LOL  He looks so somber!  

So, if you want to see more, you can head to my Instagram HERE and get on the parade route!!  Have a great weekend!! 

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  1. So fun, took me a minute to see the dogs. You sound like me. I'm always saying what day is this. Hope you are staying safe at home. Glad I stopped by.


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