Missing Sheldon 1/6/2012-4/6/2020

I am going to fess up, I am copying this straight from my Facebook page.  I don't have the heart to rewrite anything.  We lost Sheldon to canine kidney disease three weeks ago.  That's why the little blog has been quiet.  We are all trying to get used to a new normal around here.

Tin Roof Big Bang Bazinga

Sheldon you were the "we are not getting a puppy" puppy. When we went to Laura's puppy party, we left saying that we did not have puppy fever. Little did we know that two weeks later, you would be coming to live with us.

You were the first puppy I took a picture of at the puppy party and then when you were so quiet and over in the corner, you stole a little (ok, big) piece of our hearts. 

When Laura aka Memaw asked if we wanted you, we said we would "think" about it. Two days later, we have a name picked out, buying ANOTHER crate and a bag of food and saying "We will pick him up on Saturday!"  

Granted, when we named you Sheldon (because Big Bang Theory was our favorite show) we didn't even think about your daddy being named Cooper! 

You fit right in never missing a beat. Ella never seemed to correct you and you could always worm your way out of any trouble you got into. You just had the "I'm innocent" look and stuck by it.  

You always made our Christmas cards some of the best with the outtake pictures. You just had a goofy, silly way about you, yet you were also so serious at times.

You got me thru losing my job, finding a new one and being my couch buddy. You loved to cuddle with both of us and the couch was "your spot".  

You gave the best kisses and were the best "paw holding" buddy.  

You were stubborn, there is no doubt about that. Nail time was never fun, no matter how much we did it.  

You loved to "go" and one of your favorite places was to the pottery shop on Saturdays to see Carleen mom and to get a little mud on you.

The other favorite place was Andy's Frozen Custard and you let us know when we would drive by and not stop and get you a sample cone.  

This last year was a rough one for you. That DAMN kidney disease caused so many issues, yet you seemed to overcome them and be here with us to let us know you loved us.  

Your birthday was a big one, because we weren't even sure you would make it. And we made sure to include Dr. B and Sarah in the celebration, because if it wasn't for them and the rest of the staff you wouldn't have been here for us to celebrate.  

It's hard to believe that we had to say goodbye today, but you were tired and we knew you were ready. We hope you told Toby, Fannie, Higgins and Ella how much we love and miss them.Don't worry about us or Jetson, we will take good care of your bubba. 

With broken hearts until we see you again at the bridge....love mommas and Jetson.....

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