Higgins 10/2002-6/10/2016

You were the bestest boy we could ever have. You came into our lives when we thought we didn't want a puppy, because Fannie was older. You (and Marla) proved us wrong. It took three weeks and you had Fannie chasing you around the yard and showing you the ropes of living here. You stole our hearts and souls with those blue eyes and funny ears. "look Mom, the dog is wearing a hat" is one of the most favorite things I have ever heard said about you when the boy was talking about your ears. 
Some thought you couldn't be a therapy dog, well they were wrong. You were so great with the Alzheimer's patients and kids. 
Agility, well, you wanted that on your terms and for fun...screw that competition stuff and rules. 
Lawn mower, you thought the mower needed help by herding it around the yard. The mower needed to be shown were to go and you were leading the way. 
Scrapping buddy, the best of them. You knew how to keep momma company with all the paper and even get into her storage to tell her she didn't need more, that you needed that for your space!
Costumes, bring them on. They were fun and you loved the attention you got wearing them. You would get so mad if we brought one home and did NOT put it on you. You did everything to please us, and you didn't even have to. You had our hearts from the very beginning and will always have them no matter your absence. 
There are so many other things, things we are too upset to remember, things we want to just keep close and things you will continue to teach us about how to enjoy everyday. 
Fly with those Batman wings and cape, run free and tell Fannie and Toby about how you kept us all in line and helped heal hearts in the process. We love you sweet boy and will see you again soon.


  1. Beautiful memorial for Higgins! So very sorry for your loss but I know he will always live on in your memories. Many hugs!

  2. Oh my life, now I'm crying. This is beautiful Katrina. I don't have words to make it better but these gorgeous memories will help in the end. We all have to believe that somehow when we suffer a loss like this

  3. So sorry Katrina.. Higgins sure was very special ♥

  4. I am so sorry to hear abt Higgins. Thank you for sharing your photos of him....so much fun and so many smiles.

    It is hard to lose a dear pet and I prob will be facing the same thing over the next number of months with my two oldest lady kitties who are both 15. That seems young to be losing them, but my vet hubby says they are failing. They are back and forth between health crises. It's so hard to see the dear old girls like that. I hope they will last until my big Cat Hop at the end of October.

    Many hugs and condolences during this difficult time. Our pets make our lives so much richer. Hang onto those wonderful memories!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com


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