Pumpkin Carving with Silhouette!

Warning, no layouts and picture heavy post!

So, don't think I am nuts, but I have never carved a pumpkin before Saturday! I know WEIRD, right?   I don't know what I was thinking the experience would be, but I had fun.  We still have one pumpkin to carve yet, it was getting to be a little late to start another one at the rate I carved!

Carleen started the process for us, plus she wanted to roast the seeds to snack on later.


So, I had this brilliant idea to use a cut file from Silhouette for my pumpkin!  Cut it out of cardstock and then trace on my pumpkin.   Here is the cut file.  It's Design ID #50298 by Simple Stories.  Sn@p! on! is the name of the file.  And no, that is not a typo, it really is a @!

I knew I needed heavy cardstock to hold up to the beating it was going to take.  I pulled out my Textured Twill from WorldWin Papers and used it for the cut file.  Then I was trying to figure out how I was going to get it to stay on my pumpkin so I could carve it.  WASHI anyone?!  We all have a ton of it, so why not use it!


It was a beautiful afternoon, but I was too busy trying to carve my design.  I probably "should" have not picked out something this detailed for my first pumpkin carving experience!  I am not sure how long it took, at the very least about 2-3 hours.  Thank goodness for Carleen's pottery tools or I would have thrown in the towel.  And I "might" have broken one, so I owe her big time!


Carleen finished hers in record time and she even carved the back of it!  Here they are drying out so we can get them cleaned up a little more!


Hee hee, that cardigan backside!

Then nighttime came and we finally got to see our results!  And these are with my iPhone, I didn't have a tripod to take them with my regular camera.  The iPhone seemed to work great!


Thanks for stopping by today aka this evening!!!  I will have a layout up late tomorrow for you.  


  1. They look awesome. You can also spray or wipe bleach on the inside to prevent mold longer.

  2. I'm not sure that I'd say it looks like you had fun there but your results are fun and you had lots of fresh air in the garden - the dogs will have loved having so much company :-)


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