Sunday, May 6, 2018

Art Journaling-Let's Try New Things!

Confession time, I have "bought" things before to art journal, but have never really done it.   Pretty paint, to do it in, check....stencils, markers, stamps, check.....  Fact is, coloring tends to stress me out.  Add any sort of drawing to see where this is going right?!  LOL

So according to sources, you have to practice coloring to get good at it.  I have been trying to practice as you can tell from a few posts that I have made.  So, it's not stressing me out quite as bad as it used to.  

Which leads to my project share today.  My first art journal page, but it's a hybrid one!  This eliminated my fear of drawing things, just print, color and glue them down!  Add things digitally to the background until I like it and wham!  LOL  

Supplies: Digital Supplies-Dawn Inskip, Little Butterfly Wings, Lynne-Marie (all from The Lilypad); Paper-Canson Mixed Media; Printer-Canon Laser Printer; Glitter-Target; Ribbon-May Arts; Adhesive-Therm O Web; Markers-Zig Clean Color; Silhouette Cameo with print and cut

I had an idea and I wanted to see if it would work and it mostly did!!  I printed my background just on my regular sized Epson inkjet printer and also did some print and cut elements with my Cameo.  Then I took the black and white .png element files from the digital kits I used and printed them on some mixed media paper on my laser printer.  I knew if I used the inkjet, the black would just bleed if I tried to watercolor on it. Since the laser printer is an actual toner, I thought it might work and it did!!!  There was a "little" smearing but nothing that you can really tell!  This I can do!  


So, the girl and the hush bubble were what I printed on the laser printer and then I just hand cut them out.  The mixed media paper is key (or something similar) because you want it to hold up to water.  Here are the marker colors I used:
  • 24 wine red
  • 26 light pink
  • 36 light blue
  • 49 green shadow
  • 69 blush
  • 71 flesh
  • 82 purple
  • 83 lilac
  • 97 pale green
And then I decided I wanted glitter on it.  Don't ask me why, I try to stay away from the stuff.  So, I smeared a little glue around in spots and then just poured the glitter on the page.  I put a piece of paper over it and then smashed it down.  I did tap the excess off (or parts that didn't stick) into the trash can...well, mostly!   Added a few more things and called it good!


And this page was a page to me, reminding me to calm myself and it will be ok.  I am just going to say, I have been having some issues with anxiety over the past few months since Mom passed.  I have never had trouble with it before and it took a few months for me to realize what was going on, but I can say it's not fun.  I have been working thru it and have been doing things to help reduce it.  It's not all the time and it's not really triggered by anything that I can tell.  It just happens. And it stifles my creative side, which gives you a little insight as in what has been going on. 

So, have a great week and I will be back with a few projects using Jillibean Soup this week!  

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