Tuesday, September 30, 2014

You Are So Loved-Gossamer Blue Share

The idea for this layout came from??  Seriously, I have no idea!  I am thinking I saw the hearts on the background papers and then just went from there.  And this picture of Higgins and Jetson, definitely makes my heart happy!

As I said, the GB kits were very beach themed for September and it was almost like a mission for me not to make anything beachy.  And well, I couldn't because I don't have any beachy pics! 

Katrina Hunt-Gossamer Blue-You Are So Loved-1000Signed-1
Supplies-Gossamer Blue 2014 September Kits

You cannot really see it, but there is a pocket envelope that the hearts are coming out of.  The heart arrangement changed from moment to moment as I was putting it together.  I finally decided that I had to call it done at some point!  

Katrina Hunt-Gossamer Blue-You Are So Loved-1000Signed-2

The look on Jetson's face is is priceless!  He was actually sleeping before I got up to get the camera.  And I grabbed the closet camera I could, my phone.  Sometimes you just have to work with what you have.  

Katrina Hunt-Gossamer Blue-You Are So Loved-1000Signed-3

What is on your agenda today?  Work for me and then hopefully some scrapping after that.  I really want to work ahead with the holidays coming up!  Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Love the way you did the hearts on this layout, Katrina!!

  2. Great layout puts me in mind of a patchwork quilt I love it


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