Monday, September 15, 2014

Terrified with American Crafts Shimelle and a 3 Birds Sneak

Terrified and rubbish, that is exactly how I feel about going to the dentist.  I know a lot of people have a fear of the dentist, but mine is pretty extreme.  As in, I don't go unless I have to.  Not good, I know, but I am going to try to be better about it.  I knew recently I needed to go in, because I was pretty sure part of a filling had fallen out.  I CRIED before I made the phone call for the appointment.

I get there for my "check up" and to see what is going on.  They were late calling me back and I was getting ready to RUN out the door.  Literally.  End of story.  About the time I was going to get up, they came and got me.  

So these pictures are from my appt. for the crown/filling.  THAT went great.  Lots of nitrous and according to the dentist, she gave me a "cocktail" to numb me.  She made sure I was good and numb too!  I got a little loopy and had to tell them to turn the nitrous down a bit, but that's better than not enough!  This is the new American Crafts, Shimelle collection.  The colors are a little more muted than I thought they would be, but I liked working with them.  

Katrina Hunt-American Crafts-Terrified-1000Signed-1
Supplies:  Pattern Paper, Cork Camera, Tag, Wood Veneer-American Crafts (Shimelle); Flair-American Crafts (DIY); Adhesive-ThermOWeb; Pen-Uniball and Marvy; Punch-EK Success

Silhouette Cameo with the following cut file:
4 Flowers
Design ID #21743

The cleaning they scheduled me for is an entire story in itself.  The lady was horrible, and talked down to me.  She probably thought she was being "soothing" but let me tell you, she wasn't.  I was mad the entire weekend after my appointment.  A waste of good energy!  When I went back into to get my crown and filling (yes I had to have TWO things done), I was not a happy camper.  The nice lady scheduled me for someone else for my next cleaning.  Which I have to do four of, the "deep" cleaning ones.  ICK! 

I used some of the rub-ons on the chalkboard flair piece.  Then that "what a load" wood veneer was perfect for the layout!
Katrina Hunt-American Crafts-Terrified-1000Signed-2

The cork camera piece.  I just really didn't have anything to stick there that didn't look weird with the "nitrous" selfie!  I also colored in some of the dots around the edge of the layout with a gold pen. 

Katrina Hunt-American Crafts-Terrified-1000Signed-3

And I have a trio of cards up over on the 3 Birds Studio Blog.  You check them out HERE.  Here is a sneak of what you can find….

Thanks for coming by today!!!


  1. Katrina, you poor girl..... I'm glad the initial experience, including the 'cocktail' went well for you, to help make you brave to continue. You need to take care of yourself, remember that! I think every adult has had a bad experience with a dentist, doctor of some sort, as well, but I am especially glad to see you forging on toward health. They say that dental health affects many other health conditions, so keep up the brave work! BTW It was ALSO brave to document this, and you did it beautifully!

  2. Love how you used the Shimelle collection, for these photos Katrina!! 😄


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