Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dogfest Weekend Fun

Just a quick post to post some pics from this weekend.  It was the annual DogFest at the park and we decided to be brave and take all four dogs!  They all did amazing and we are so happy that we took them as a group.  We considered taking them 2 at time...just so we didn't freak everyone out!

Sorry this post is short and sweet.  This week has not been a good one and I am adjusting to a new normal.  I am healthy, C is healthy and the dogs are all well and I am realizing that is the most important thing most of all.  Not everything else!  And there comes a time when you do realize who your true friends are.  

Me and the crew...

Jetson and Higgins...Jetson was having fun!

C. and the crew...

Sheldon and Higgins.  Sheldon did great for his first 
"many dogs everywhere" outing!

Will have an update tomorrow with more things scrappy!!!

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  1. Great photos from DogFest! I was sad to have missed it, looks like it was a beautiful day :)


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