Friday, August 10, 2012

Sister Grins-Having fun with some Amy Tangerine

Ok, just exhausted!  That is all I have to say right now.  I don't know why I am so tired this week and I have little to NO patience for anything.  Yes, you do not want to be around me much if I am like this!  

Honestly, I think it's the Olympics.  I get like this every time they come on, because I want to stay up to catch everything.  I have been trying to distance (ha ha) myself the last couple of days, but it just doesn't work.  Darn gymnastics, then swimming, then volleyball...I could go on, but I won't!

Pulled out the Amy Tangerine Sketchbook collection to play with.  This picture, again, is one that I have had printed for awhile and not known what to do with it.  Part of it was the red sweatshirt mixed with the pink....I couldn't get anything to work well with it.  The orange in Sketchbook made the papers work!

Supplies: Pattern Paper-American Crafts (Amy Tangerine Sketchbook); Tags and Clouds-American Crafts (Sketchbook); Letters-American Crafts; Flair-{a flair for buttons} Etsy shoppe; Adhesives-Scotch ATG and Scrapbook Adhesives

Silhouette Cameo with the following files:

Design id #2993 

Design id #30517 

The heart on the clouds is actually the heart that goes in the center of the camera lens, I just swapped it out.

And the reason I swapped it, is because I wanted to throw some flair on here!  I love this camera cut.  And I am learning I need to think in "other colors" than what the die cut example picture is, which is hard for me to grasp for some reason.

And these have been keeping me busy, but more on them later.  The dogs unearthed a bunny nest, so we had to do an emergency relocation of the nest.  There were four babies total, as far as we know.  

Yippee!!!  One more day until the weekend.  Trust me, I cannot wait!  

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  1. Ha! I'm the same way... Olympic Hangover is what I call it. I love your fun, vibrant layout -so cute! ♥ the bunnies.


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