Monday, March 12, 2012

Some Little Yellow Bicycle fun and a Girl's Night Out!

I love Little Yellow Bicycle and I got my hands on the Paradise collection finally.  So, you know I had to play some!  Everytime I see a new LYB collection, I fall in love all over!  And I found these these little 4x4 canvases at Michael's in a 9 pack on sale!  So, I still have 6 of them to alter.  I like them because they are thicker on the sides.  You need to cut the paper pretty much at 7 inches square to cover the canvas with one sheet.  I just did the ends like I do with wrapping paper to make them neat. 

I love the color scheme in this line, the pink pops against the other colors!

Supplies: All Pattern Paper, Embellishments and Stickers-Little Yellow Bicycle (Paradise collection);
Canvas-Michael's; Adhesives-Fabri-tac, Matte Medium Gel, Scrapbook Adhesives; 
Jute-American Crafts; Ribbon-Michael's

Here are close ups of each of the panels....

And Saturday night was girl's night out with one of my favorite 14 year olds! Ms. Riley asked me to go to the Jeff Dunham concert with her and we had a blast!  hee hee, her mom played chauffeur for us and dropped us off after dinner and then we just texted when the concert was over.

Here we are waiting for the concert to start and trying to get a picture.  I had my big camera, but I was afraid that they would take it away, so we were just using the cell phone.  

Epic fail on my part though...I was to make sure that no shirts with bad words on them were bought.  I manage to do that and Riley even said she couldn't get a couple of shirts because of that.  BUT, I let her get the Walter doll that she wanted!  Whooopss.....he says about 6-8 of which is what the shirt had on it that she couldn't buy!  LOL  Oh well, her mom wasn't too mad!

DST sucks, I am just going to say that...and with that I am going to bed!


  1. I live your canvases! They are so über cute and would make fab room decor!

  2. Love love love your canvasses ... tooooo cute!! And I loveeeeee Jeff Dunham!!! Jingle Bombs!! Silence! I kill You!!! lol!!

  3. These canvases are great, Katrina! Cute idea!

  4. Way to rock some LYB girlie :) Love them!!

  5. Thinking I really love these canvases!!!

  6. Cute canvases!! I love that paper! I just bought me a few sheets yesterday.


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