Sunday, February 26, 2012

Warning...Cuteness OVERLOAD!


Well, I  have nothing crafty to post today.  Ekk..right?  Well, not really!  The crafty stuff I have done, I can't show yet!  AND, we took a day trip Saturday to our friend, Laura's.  It was a three hour drive one way, so definitely gone the entire day!

Why would we drive three hours each way...PUPPY PARTY!!!  Laura bred a litter of Cardigan Welsh Corgis and she had a puppy party to socialize them with strangers.  And we get the benefit of fun puppy playing, petting, and breath!

I am going to post a few now and then a few on Tuesday, to split them up.  I wouldn't want anyone to pass out from the cuteness!!!

Will be back later with more!!!!


  1. so so cute. I love the puppy days (well not all of the them.... like the chewing, the potty training, etc.) ha ha

  2. Wow, that is cuteness overload. I have a friend that breeds golden retrievers. We get to visit often and socialize her puppies too. It is great fun. I only have to drive 5 minutes. Glad you enjoyed the day.

  3. Ohhhhhhh sooooo cute ! I love puppies. Thanks for sharing those adorable pictures.


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