Sunday, August 30, 2009

I have a secret........Post about a giveaway also

I have a secret, well a couple.......but I can't share them just yet.........I am DYING to, because I am so excited, but I have to wait. Stay tuned tomorrow, it will probably be in the evening before I can post! Big news for me!!

And I found the Martha Stewart loopy punch set today. I was so excited!! It was the last one on the shelf! These are REALLY hard to find. I haven't gotten to play with it yet...hopefully this week!

I don't have any pics to share today. I have been working on something for The ScrapNook Retreat, so I can't post pics! It's really fun though!!!

Debby, is having an awesome mini book can find all the details HERE!

Have a Scrappy evening!


  1. I just scored the loopy corner punch and it was the last one after I went to three M's! LOVE the border punch.

  2. The elusive loopy punch...have a friend in Cali looking for me one!! You find another one, snag it with my name on it! Us border punch addicts have to stick together ;)


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