Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Pazzles is ROCKING the house!

Alright, no pics with this post, but I have to SHOUT!!!!!!!!!

I got a Pazzles from The ScrapNook (quick, they don't have many, but they are a great price right now!) here in Bolivar/Springfield and this machine ROCKS! I had it set up and cutting in no time! I have cut a welded word and cut some chipboard perfectly! Well, it was a fiber bar box recycled!

I have used both a Cricut and this and I am so glad that I got a Pazzles. If you aren't used to working in computer programs like Publisher and Photoshop, the Pazzles could be a little intimidating and you would probably feel more comfortable with a Cricut. BUT I CAN CUT ANYTHING!!!!!! Any font I download, any pic, any dingbat, etc. The potential for this thing is unlimited in my book!

Hopefully, I will get to play a little more with it tonight or the first part of the week. I have to get some other things done around here first!!!!

Hope everyone had a safe holiday weekend! See ya on the blog this week!


  1. Good for you! Sounds like a fun machine but would be a bit intimidating for me I'm sure! I had a question to ask you--saw you had an"out for pub" from you retake the pic when they had you send it? I'm not for sure how I knwo what a 600x600 pixel pic is or how I find out the size my are.And how did you get the "out for pub" sign on 2Peas and your blog? I'm asking b/c I was just emailed from them..they saw a layout on 2Peas I did and want to publish it :) Which is GREAT...I'm just not sure how to add the-out for pub- sign!! Thanks for your help!! :)

  2. What a great review! I sure hope you can share some examples soon.


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