Cardigan Nationals and a 3 Birds Sneak

Last week was the Cardigan Welsh Corgi National Speciality.  This is a dog show that is for the Cardis only!  We only went up for the day and really didn't know if we were going to get to go, because of the ACL tear that Higgins did back in February.  He is just now getting around to walking and basically he is in rehab to build scar tissue.

So, on that note, we got him a wagon in case he got tired!  And he looks so darn cute it in.  He had the best seat in the house.  I thought I would share a few pictures from the trip.


Jetson was quite the character.  It's always up in the air with him, how he will behave.  He gets scared on walks around the block that he goes on every day.  But he has gotten braver and a little downright obnoxious since Sheldon came along.  He climbed up in this chair and promptly slid out the back of it!  But he just went around to the front and jumped right back up.  He perched on the chair for quite a while like this!


Ella and Sheldon hung out together, people watching and watching the dogs in the ring.  This was when Ella was not tired.  By the end of the day, she was having trouble holding that head up!


This is Laura, aka Memaw, who bred the litter Sheldon came from.  We don't get to see her much, but she is such a dear friend.  She was waiting to go in the ring to show a dog.  


Then Jetson decided he wanted some cuddle time with Carleen, so up in her lap he went.  And he was quite happy and pleased with himself!  Pardon the green Jetson feet.  We gave them baths before the show, but it's rained a lot and the grass was freshly mowed at Purina!


So, on to the scrappy stuff!!  3 Birds Design is revealing a new goody today!!  Here is a picture of the cover.  Trust me, it's adorable!  And that pad is sized 12 x 12!!!!

AND 3 Birds is now on Instagram!!!  3birdsdesign  <<<<  Click there to follow them!

And I have a layout up over on the 3 Birds Studio blog today.  Here is a sneak of it and you can find my layout on this posting HERE.


Celebrate National Scrapbooking Day!  I am going to a crop this weekend, so I am planning on lots of scrappy happenings taking place.  That and a lot of fun!  

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