Monday, March 2, 2015

Boys Will Be Boys-Jillibean Soup and CREATE Magazine

Before we get started, I have a fun little layout over on the 17turtles blog today!!  There is a tutorial on using your sketch pens.  Here is a sneak of it below.  You can find the posting HERE. 

SOOO....this happened last Monday.  Paper trimmer, payroll and me were not a good combo late Monday afternoon at work.  At least I didn't cut my finger off!  Just thru the nail and it has been interesting trying to do any scrapbooking at all, let alone type.  Check up on it today, but I think it's doing pretty good.  


So, while I am here I thought I would share a layout that was in the January issue of the CREATE magazine.  Jillibean Soup was the featured manufacturer and they are one of my favorites.  Little secret about the pictures on this layout.  Notice they are slightly different in colors, not only the picture part.  When I printed them out, my printer was acting up!  BUT, instead of tossing them, I decided to go ahead and use them as is.  

Katrina Hunt-Jillibean Soup-BoysWillBeBoys-1000Signed-1
Supplies:  All Jillibean Soup, except the doily which is Wilton.  Adhesive-ThermOWeb

And that definition card of boy is perfect for these three, especially Jetson.  We actually call him PigPen at times!

Katrina Hunt-Jillibean Soup-BoysWillBeBoys-1000Signed-2

Just a detail shot of the tags.  And Sheldon's extremely long tongue!  The only time I have a picture of him with it in his mouth is when he is sleeping. 
Katrina Hunt-Jillibean Soup-BoysWillBeBoys-1000Signed-3

Well, this is all the typing my little nubbin can handle right now.  Back to babying it!  Hopefully I will be back on Wednesday with another post.  Have a great Monday!

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