Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Past Year and Awesome Snuggles with Gossamer Blue

If you will give me a moment to reflect on the past year or so, a lot has happened. Some of this I have not blogged about for various reasons.  I just haven't felt like it or wanted to until now.
  • Lost my job after 18 (almost 19) years.  MUCH for the good. I lost myself for quite a few of those years.  And you don't realize it until you are out of it.
  • Thought I could never stay at home, but maybe I could. I still think I would go stir crazy!
  • A new job that I would not have considered before, but I ended up loving it!  And have been promoted a couple of times in the year I have been there. 
  • You find out who are the people that are truly in your life and those that are just fleeting.
  • Had some AMAZING opprotunities that I wouldn't never have dreamed of by scrapbooking.
  • Sometimes an iOS update will fry your iPad!  LOL LOL
  • The most important is that everything will always be ok.  (still have trouble with this one!)
So, that's out of the way!  It was just kind of one of those things that I wanted to get out there, since I look at this as a journal of sorts. NOT really too personal, because who wants ALL that out there?!  

On to the layout!  This is another one with my Gossamer Blue November kit. I used the cut files from the kit on this also.  And I am just too tired to look all the supplies up, so I am skipping them. I know there is Crate Paper, Gossamer Blue, Glitz, American Crafts and Elle's Studio for sure!

You have got to love those big Cardigan puppy ears!  


The fun cut file I used from the kit.

Loved the flowers with the banner shape.

So, just a quick post tonight.  I don't think I will be back before next week, there is just a lot going on.  I am GETTING my Christmas shopping done this weekend.  No ifs, ands or buts!  And now they are saying another "winter event" is possibly coming next weekend.  YAY!  It's looking like we might get a white Christmas this year. 

Have a great Thursday.


  1. Great post and of course great layout! I like all the strips of papers and then your title off to the side :)

  2. Great page! All of your points are so true... I could keep a couple in mind ;) Cheers!


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