Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lily Bee Design 16 Paws & 4 Feet Guest Design

The month of August and blogging projects has flown by.  This is my last guest design project and posting for Lily Bee Design this month.  Please stop over on the Lily Bee blog and say hi and goodbye since it's my last post. I would love it!

This photo is one that is from our photo shoot with April Turner of UTurn Studios.  I knew going into the photo shoot that I wanted a picture like this.  I didn't know where we would take it, but I knew I wanted it!  

The theme at Lily Bee this week is "Living Large", so I went with a large picture.  Well, as large as I could print at home, heehee!  


Sweet Shoppe (Lemon Drop 12 x 12 Paper-SSP284, Strawberries & Cream 12 x 12 Paper-SSP293, Sweet Shoppe Circles & Tags-SSS341)

Pinwheel (Sprinklers 12 x 12 Papers-PWP307, Ice Cream Truck 12 x 12 Paper-PWP310, Kite Strings 12 x 12 Paper-PWP306, Pinwheel Label Stickers-PWS316, Pinwheel Chit Chat Stickers-PWS318, Pinwheel Circle & Tag Stickers-PWS341, Pinwheel Letter Stickers-PWS317)

Destination (Destination Circle & Tag Stickers - DSS341)

Other supplies (Photo credit UTurn Studios/April Turner)

I dug out the typewriter that I bought over a year ago and typed my journaling.  Uh, typing on a typewriter without mistakes is HARD!  So, I decided to embrace some of the mistakes and just type the correct letter over and over to make it darker!

And this title popped in my head the first time I saw this picture!  So, I knew I wanted to use it and that space in the corner of the picture was a perfect place for it!

I hope you have enjoyed my guesting at LilyBee.  I have had so much fun with these projects and am still in shock that I was asked to guest design.  Thank you LilyBee, I had a blast!!  

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