Monday, April 22, 2013

A Few Sneaks and The PaperCut

Back on this Monday with just a few sneaks of what I have been working on this weekend.  Dug into my Gossamer Blue April kit and got three layouts done, but I didn't get pictures taken.  Darn migraine set in before I could get them.




And a new issue of The PaperCut by GCD Studios is out.  This is the first issue with the new design team and they all did wonderful.  No project in there for me this time, but probably the next one!

The PaperCut-Click HERE!

I have some cute pictures from the weekend I can't wait to scrap.  We took the younger boys to Dr. B's on Saturday for their yearly check ups.  Everyone did great and is at a good weight!  I took pics at the vet's office on my phone.  Then we made an unplanned pit stop at the park with the two of them.  They were excited and luckily I had thought to bring my big camera along!


Alright, since I am writing this on Sunday night, I am going to head to bed!  Have a great Monday (or as great as possible!!)

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