Thursday, February 28, 2013

Just A Quick Update With Some Snow Fun!

This is just a quick update.  Once again, I am procrastinating getting ready for a crop this weekend!  I need to pack and print pics out.  Not necessarily in that order!  HA!  This is probably the last update I will do until Monday.  

A fun thing happened to me yesterday.  My "True Love Rescue" layout was picked over on the Crate Paper blog for the Crate Paper/Gossamer Blue contest.  I was totally shocked and I am super excited.  You can see that post HERE.

We have had some winter weather with snow FINALLY!  I was able to get home and shoot a few pictures of the dogs out playing.  This is Sheldon's first real snow and he was having quite the time.

Here are a few that I managed to catch.  Let me tell you, the picture with Sheldon just standing by Higgins was the ONLY time Sheldon was not on the move.  These are NOT some of the best pictures I have ever taken, but I wanted to catch the moment.  So, I am just going with it!

Ella bossing the boys around!


Sheldon's tongue is so darn long.  And Jetson had snow on his nose that fell off right before I got the shot!

Leaping short dogs anyone?  I have a LOT of these!

Alright, I am officially calling a "blogging break" until Monday!  Hope everyone has a good weekend!  


  1. awww love your photo captions. Is Jeston and Australian Shepherd? We have one!


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