Friday, October 19, 2012

A Special Favor for my Readers/Followers

This is Lanie and oh how I love this girl and her free spirit.  I met Lanie when she was working for Nikki as her General Manager and taking care of business.  We road tripped together to Summer 2011 CHA/Chicago and that drive was a great way for us to get to know each other better.  

I don't even know where to begin, so I am just going to copy some of Nikki's post that she had on her blog earlier in the week....thanks in advance for participating.

This is "our" sweet Lanie who has worked for us the last 3 1/2 years. Lanie recently moved to Chicago (in March) to be closer to her boyfriend. Of which we kind of sported her on but didn't want to loose her... but knew her heart was already in Chicago so off she went. She found a job working for another husband wife team that have a small business and she of course was a perfect fit for them. Scott (the boyfriend) and Lanie's relationship only strengthen   and they grew closer and decided to move in together. They aren't kids anymore, they are in their early 30's and know what they want.  So we were happy for her and looking forward to meeting Scott soon.
Lanie started having some back issue and started seeing a doctor. Then many other different symptoms started popping up. One of which were some some lumps and strange unexplained bruises. So to make a long story short she went and got an MRI, ultrasound and mammogram all in one day only to find out later in the day she had 20  tumors throughout her body. Lanie then went in for biopsies soon after finding this out.  She found out Wednesday they are malignant melanoma. She has cancer. Lanie is looking into some clinical trials for treatment. 
If you'd like to follow her journey she has a website that she has already started telling her story and by the way she is a great writer. This is her website: If you decide to read her story be sure and start with "And I thought the move to Chicago was big milestone (Part 1)" (you will have to scroll down) then "part ll" and she should be updating her latest entry today, about her visit to the doctor.

Now for the "Favor" part:
I actually want to do 2 things (you can choose from one or do both)...
1. Make a few "thank you" cards (with coordinating envelopes) for her and her family to have on hand to send out as she will be getting, and is getting a lot flowers, food etc.. I'd like her to not have to buy a single card for anything. (I'm going to buy her a roll of stamps so she doesn't have to do anything but put them in the mail box!)
2. I want to send her a card every single day to let her know how much she is loved and thought of daily! 

So... if you wouldn't mind creating a few thank you cards and or a few cards to send to her personally then mail me all of them and I'll get them to her.  Both kinds of cards need to have the envelopes with them (I had to ask, because I create odd shaped cards!)
I'll mail the thank you cards in batches and then save the daily cards for well everyday. The "everyday" cards can be from you personally or if you aren't comfortable with that then blank is fine (although I know she'd like to hear from you even if you didn't know her personally) but I will write in it where it came from an a little note if you'd rather leave it blank!  I'll shuffle them up and send them out one by one. 

She needs this. We have to keep her spirits up!!! I want to bombard her with love!! 
Thanks so much and please keep her in your prayers, she will need it. 
Please send cards to..
Nikki Sivils
c/o Lanie
2263 S Oakbrook Ave
Springfield, Mo 65809

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  1. God Bless Her. I am in and will make some things next week.


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