Sunday, June 10, 2012

What a crazy busy weekend...

It started Friday and hasn't stopped.  A not so good day at work, a photo shoot after work (NO, I don't really do them...this was a favor!) for some fun girls. Then Saturday, a hair appt. first thing and then the dogs pet modeling photo shoot with UTurn Studios (LOVE LOVE April).  Today, bra shopping first thing..yes I know, but hey something has to hold them up!   Then a Target run and grocery store run. 

My plan was to scrap today, but yes...that did not happen.  I got sucked into my book that I am reading, Denver Cereal.  I had downloaded it free from iBooks and just hadn't read it yet.  I started it probably a couple of weeks ago. When I got to the end, this is what I read....."the story continues at"???  I was like huh?  So, I go to the site and find out that the story does continue and it's over 200 chapters!  I am at about 140 something and am on a mission to get all caught up.  A new chapter comes out ever week and yes I am addicted! 

This boy turned FIVE months old on the 6th!  Can you say big boy?!  

I have scrappy stuff to show, but quite frankly I am too tired (or just don't want to) edit the pictures, so I will get some of those projects up a little later in the week.  I have a Basically Bare project or 8.5 x 11 layout that I did with some My Mind's Eye, and some Nikki Sivils goodies also.  Plus I will have my card and tag that I did for my class this week.  

So, I leave you with this picture of sunflowers that I took while I was looking around in the park before the photo shoot.  The lighting was GREAT and I was just happy these flowers were there.  A lot of the flowers have bloomed early this year because of the weird weather...

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