Sunday, July 31, 2011

NEW Twinery Colors!!!! And don't forget you still have some time....

Quick post for today...The Twinery has NEW COLORS and you are totally going to swoon over them.  So, I won't keep you in suspense, I am just going to show you!!!

I don't know which is my favorite...I think I love them all!!!!!

We have some fun company this weekend...Carleen's nieces are down!!  It is always the adventure when they are here.  And constantly on the go!  We did the drive thru animal park yesterday and had quite the time.  We almost got (for lack of a better word) "crapped" on by a camel.  We were in the car, but there was quite the smell all of a sudden.  Two teenage girls and me screaming, then Carleen trying to get the car out of the way!  Here are a few of our pics from the day....I will have more later!  And I made myself practice my manual photography skills and I was quite happy with most of the pictures!!

 Hanging out downtown!

The offender!  I think his name was Clyde....

Sheldon the giraffe, he is about 7 months old and so sweet.....and yes, it was HOT again!
This guys CREEPS me out....reminds me of the velociraptors in Jurassic Park! 

And don't forget I have the One Page Sketches for Scrapbooking giveaway on this POST.  There is still time to enter to get your hands on this!  These are wonderful books to get your mojo flowing, or to just complete a quick page!!!

I promise, projects are coming!!!  I had to get this post in quick while the girls were at Tagret!  I didn't have time to do supply lists, etc.!

Off for another adventure with the girls!!!


  1. Loveeeeeeeeeeee the photos and the new twine! :):):):):):):):):):)

  2. How funny! I laughed out loud so it was really funny! You took really good pictures too!


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