Saturday, July 23, 2011

BACK from CHA with a quick update....

Wow, I am wiped out!!  My first CHA (and hopefully not my last!) was sad, crazy, fun, overwhelming, hard work, exciting, and wonderful all rolled into one.

I am going to apologize upfront, that my CHA pictures will be in no particular order!  I will tell you what day I took them, but I have them on two different computers at the moment!  

The sad part is that I did not get to meet my online buddy Sarah de Guzman.  She had a medical emergency and she and Gloria had to cancel their flight right before they were to leave.  You can read about Sarah's scary emergency here. So, I was very worried about her and still am...missed you buddy...get better soon!

So after an 8.5 hour drive, I got to help set up the booth!  Now, this is quite interesting as everyone is there, the air conditioner is BARELY on in the convention center during set up/take down.  I do not...let me repeat...DO NOT like to be hot!  (more on THAT later!).  So, I helped Nikki and Dan set up the booth until about 8:30-9:00 Sunday night.  Then I went back to the hotel room and worked on these!

I love the way they turned out, but they do take awhile!!  These were all out of the "My Lil' Monster" collection.  Then on Monday, I worked on these out of the "Gingerbread Land" collection.
On Monday, my roomie, Suzy West arrived.  LOVE that lady, she is a HOOT!!!!  Here is a picture of her when we went to downtown Chicago (which is a entire post in itself!). 

Let's just say she made me SICK.  She looked daisy fresh the entire time in 100+ degree not so much! 

The best part of CHA, is meeting friends that you only know online, or that you haven't seen in awhile!!! I LOVE these girls, Jen Matott and Sarah Eclavea that are on Nikki Sivils DT with me!  LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!!

And then here are Sarah and I with Nikki, Jen had to catch a flight and we didn't get the picture taken before she had to!  and it's a little blurry, but we were getting ready for booth tear down.

I was so happy to get home!  And this morning, I got up in time to catch this moment outside.....gosh, I missed their furry faces while I was gone.  And then I have slept all day!  LOL 

That's it from me...I need to get another blog post done over on Nikki's blog!!!!  Catch you next week....probably on Monday!


  1. Loveeeeeeee the pics!! Wish I could have been there with you! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Great post, fun pics! I hope I will get to meet you in Anaheim!

  3. Glad you had a good time. I know it was exciting for you to go. Love the story and pictures!

  4. That photo of Suzy West should be scrapped - she looks amazing! The effect of the rain is unusual as well as her feet are wet and yet the rest of her is dry. I bet the dogs were excited to see you home as well. What a fun time you had despite the heat which you hate and that long car journey - dedication indeed. Meeting all those friends as well - excellent!

  5. I know where you took that photo of Suzy-it was HOT out there, you are right! I am sorry I missed seeing you. I did love the Monster line. Your work was great!

  6. Thanks for sharing your cute pics!!! Your project is fabulous!

  7. Katrina - You should share your awesome CHA photos via our linkshare at PCC!

    PS: I totally love Jen Matott!

  8. Hey there sweets!!! LOVE everything you created and thanks for taking that picture of me!!!


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