Sunday, July 4, 2010

Recovering from the 4th...and just a card today!!! And a secret!!!!!

 I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe 4th.  Me...well, I ended up with a headache and decided to skip my plans.  (hey it happens and I really really REALLY didn't want to have a migraine come Monday morning).

Look what we got from our container garden!!!  How fun and yummy do these look??  And we have TONS more of the Romas.

There is a pasta salad that is so so yummy with fresh tomatoes.  I LOVE making it and it's super easy.  It's on the back of the Kraft Italian Blend grated cheese found in the cooler section.  Try it, you will love it!

On the scrappy front, I was lucky enough to get in on a "secret" project that Debby Lewis from Creative Dream Studios and Debby's Dare blog .  I am so honored that she let me in on the secret and let me play along!  Sign up for her newsletter to be notified of what is coming!! And while you are visiting her blog...check out her videos.  LOVE this lady, she is so fun to watch and listen to.  And very informative I might add!!! I can't wait till I get to share her secret with you....yeah...I know another one of those "wait, I can't share it" things!  LOL LOL

I (clearing throat here...uhm uhm) straightened up my scrappy area with Carleen's help.  It's amazing how it "grows".  I used to crossstich, but paper seems to multiply like rabbits!  LOL LOL  And we won't talk about border punches!!!  hee hee...

I was able to make a couple of things.  One is the one above that I can't show you yet and here is one I can.  I won a prize from Lily Bee Design, back before I went on my trip for work.  I finally got around to getting to scrap with some of it!  I made a card...I know...what is up with my card making lately?!  I think I am getting a little better!  And this one didn't take me near as long.  I get caught up in the "it's too small to add stuff to" frame of mind!
Supplies: Hello Sunshine Collection (including pattern paper and chipboards)-Lily Bee Design,
American Crafts Thickers, Glue Arts and Fabri Tac Adhesive, Offray Ribbon

I LOVE Lily Bee's chipboard buttons!  They are so cute and fun, I couldn't stop using them!  The decoration on the inside is from one of their die cuts. 

And we have a birthday girl in the house this week.  Miss Ella will be 7 years young on the 10th.  It is so hard to believe she is that old.  She came along and fit right in the household at the time.  Heck, I still kept calling her a puppy until she was about 4!  I refused to believe she had grown up!  So, I think I am going to post a pic a day of her!!!  Well, as many times as I blog this week!!!

And on another personal note, please support ALL your LSS's.  I know that you may have your favorites, but EVERYONE in the scrappy world needs to support each other.  I was blessed to have two stores here in town, but sadly the one that I cropped at has now closed.  LUCKILY, she still has a shop about 40 minutes away...but there is the drive it takes to get there.  I also have one that is about 5 minutes away.  I will continue to support both stores any way I can.   They are both very different stores, but they are stores where you can touch, feel, drool (as long as you don't get it on the paper!), and get great inspiration.  Or just a scrappy fix.  Especially as a manufacturing team designer, if the stores aren't here to carry the products, then I don't get to have the fun of creating for a manufacturer.

  I promote the manufacturer's that I design for in ANY WAY I can (at any stores that I can), that is part of the job of being a designer, especially a manufacturer's designer.  AND I LOVE IT!  I love seeing people's faces when they see the new stuff, or you teach them something they hadn't thought of.  This is MY opinion and does not reflect on any teams that I work for or may work for in the future!

Ok, I am off here for now!!!  Stay tuned.....I am planing a giveaway this week!!!  Remember I said I straightened my scrappy area....well, that also means purging some stuff out.  There may just be some Kiki Art, Nikki Sivils, Sassafrass, American Crafts and Cosmo Cricket up for grabs!  How about them apples?  Or maybe I should have said tomatoes!!!
Have a scrappy kinda day!!~~Katrina

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  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww happy birthday Ella!!! LOVING the card...and the photos and I hope you feel better! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


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