Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh my....I am so so excited!!!!!

Well, thru the wonder of Facebook you can meet all kinds of crafty creative people!  It is amazing some of the things they come up with.  I love handmade jewelry.  PERIOD.  The flashy jewelry stores are ok, but I usually don't find anything that "fits" my personality.  I am more of a "oh look a necklace made of hemp" kind of girl.  I have always been like that.  Well, along comes Beth Perry on Facebook.  I think I friended her?  not sure, but she was friends with several of my scrappy online friends.  And then I found out she made jewelry.

Well, she makes these necklaces out of fabric yo-yo's.  They are super cute and all of them are different.  She bunches them together in groupings and then adds either ribbon or a chain to make them a necklace.  So so so stinkin' cute!

I asked her about making a braclet form the yo-yo's and she said sure she would try it.  So here is what I am getting!!!!!!  Photo is by Beth Perry/Dirty Laundry

How adorable is this??????  I cannot wait to get it and wear it!!!!  So....if you are looking for a little something nice and fun for yourself, head over to Dirty Laundry!  Her motto is a little dirty, a little girly!  This girl is an amazing scrapbooker also!  Tell her I sent ya!!!!

On the scrappy front, I can't really post anything at the moment! There is some behind the scenes stuff going on behind the scenes, so mum is the word/pic for now.  I will leave you with a couple of pictures I took this weekend.

A storm was coming in when I snapped this one.  The storm turned out to be pretty fierce....lots of power outages around the city.  Luckily, not ours! 

 And then I love the arches at this church that is downtown.  I took a few minutes to snap a few pics, since the lighting was rather neat at the time.  Then I just turned it to B&W and added a photo frame from Holly McCaig. 

Alright, I think this post is done...I should be able to share something soon.  It's CHA time, so lots of things are kept under wraps right now!!!!!  Hopefully I will get some stuff done this weekend.  The local Nikki Sivils DT is going to Scrapapalooza here in town that is put on by Scrapbook Generation.  We are doing some mini classes during the crop.  It should be lots of fun!

Have a scrappy kinda day!!~~Katrina


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh u should be friending Beth!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee her!! I met her last year in TN and her jewelry ROCKS!! U will NOT be disappointed!!!!! And and and and she is a MO. GIRL!!!!! Ask Nikki...she has one of her necklaces that Beth sent her last Spring! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. hehehe
    can't wait to you get your schtuff! hehe
    it went out yesterday, love!
    and Julie is so sweet! love you girls!

  3. OH HAVE FUN at Scrapapalooza!! Your BP necklace and bracelet are adorable. Love her stuff.


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