Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hey there, hi, how's it going?

Can you see it???  Just wanted to make sure it was big enough!!!!!

Be sure to join us next weekend...that's all I am going to say for right now!

Just a funny story.  I got a company car to use for work, since my job requires traveling to the stores more.  It needed a good cleaning inside and out before leaving on Sunday for my training.  Well, I wasn't too worried about the outside, because we woke up to rain.

So I finally get around to taking it to the carwash.  I tell them I want the works.....detail inside, etc.  (there was some wonderful Missouri red clay all over the floor mats)  So, I watch it go thru and they wave me to come get I thought that was pretty quick.  Well the inside wasn't done...I paid good money for the detail.  The guy didn't realize I had the whole shebang, so he apologized and said they would get right on it. Yippee...I am going to get to sit a little longer...ha ha...

So, just about the time they are getting done....Severe Thunderstorm Warning....yeah!  So they have to pull it inside to finish it up, because here comes the storm!  I just had to laugh...I didn't really care about the outside looks!  So, after the guy finishes...he gives me a card and explains that the car has to dry for 8 hours after a, just come back and they will do it!  hee hee....I guess that's what I get for taking on a day they are forecasting rain!

So, I am going to leave you with a little pic.  I am going to save the story for might be a easy update to the blog while I am gone!  

Have a scrappy kinda day!!!~~Katrina


  1. LOL!!!! That is a funny car story!!! And I wanna know the snake story too! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. just wanted you to know that i miss our lil chit chats! hehehe.

    got your email, but i haven't responded quite yet. perhaps i'll give you a call. let me know when you are free!



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