Monday, February 1, 2010

A Fun Kiki Art layout and some "DogHouse Diva" News!!!!!

So, I decided to create with Kiki Art without a clue as to what I was going to come up with!!  This was purely just creating a page from nothing in mind to a page I would love!  I love the collages that you can get with and I used one on this.  I do pay for the premium version, because I wanted extra features.  And I do have PSE, but Picnik has some fun stuff to play with! 

Great ready for Kiki-Art to KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!!!  We on the design team are gearing up and getting ready to show you what we can do!  So, don't forget to visit the Kiki-Art blog regularly and be sure to be on the lookout for Kiki Art in your LSS.....and we may have some news, but we have to wait for awhile!

And how fun...someone pointed out that the picture collage with the border around and below looks like a window with a flower box!  I hadn't even noticed it.  I just wanted to use the Kiki Art FunTape to give the page a splash of really bright color! 

I feel this layout captures the "essence" of Kiki-Art to me.....carefree, creative, fun, and full of life!  And the papers just ROCK....this layout came together so quick......the title took me the longest to figure out!  
Suuplies:  Kiki Art Jardin Collection (FunTape, Bling, Papers), Bazzill Cardstock,
Martha Stewart Border Punch, Generic chipboard letters, American Crafts Thickers,
Cat's Eye Inks, Stickles, Lace, Buttons, and Twine

ANNNDDDDD.......I haven't really told anyone, I tried out for Nikki Sivil's Design Team and I made it!!!!  Yes, I did blog for her, but as a friend helping a friend.  If I wanted to be on the Design Team, I was required to try out with everyone else and judged accordingly.  So, I am OFFICIALLY a "DogHouse Diva"!!!! When she called me, I had tears.  Thank goodness I was in Target, or I would have probably really been crying. :)
I am so excited.  My term is from now until May. 

And even more exciting she asked me to be lead of a local team here!!!  This will be a team that can do fast and quick projects when they are needed on the spur of the moment (which happens more than you think!).  So, be sure to check Nikki's blog, she will be having a call posted shortly for the local team.  You local girls that read this, hint hint!!!!!

And how exciting, there were "two" spots, but six girls were picked for the Design Team and then Nikki created a "Stamping and Card-making"  Team!  How cool is that.  There is some AMAZING talent on the teams, and I am a little nervous!

You can read the announcement here  Design Team Announcement

Ok, off to go pinch myself!!!!  And Kiki-Art team members and Doghouse Divas, I will be updating the blog with all your blog links!!!! 

Have a Scrappy Kinda Day!!~~Katrina


  1. CONGRATULATIONS !! u are such a great asset to Nikki's !

  2. Hi, Katrina! Just checking out your cute blog! I love the layout of it! Congrats again on making Nikki's team! What a great team to be on!!!

  3. Big congrats, chick! Love your work, love the way your personality comes through in your posts! You are a gem, and any company is lucky to have you on their team!

  4. Big congrats girl! So happy for you!!!!Love your LO too!

  5. Congrats on making Nikki's Design Team, but I'm not surprised at all. Look forward to seeing more of your work! It's also great news about a "local" group -- sounds like a super idea. There are lots of talented scrapbookers here in the Springfield area! -- Debbie

  6. wahOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo!!!! congrats, katrina! but i already told you that like a million times! :)

    anyway, hope you are enjoying those MnM's that you got in the mail! hehehe.


    ...and LOST was soooooo good! i want to see next week's epi already!


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