Thursday, February 4, 2010

Free...did someone say Free Kiki Art Paper??? NEW LINE???

If you haven’t heard of Kiki Art, read this post by Ella Publishing Co. They talk about what this new scrapbooking manufacturer is all about.
I know a lot of you have been asking me where to get Kiki Art products, and the truth is, it’s brand spankin’ new, so a lot of retailers don’t have them on their shelves yet. Boo Hoo! ((We are working on a list of stores that currently carry Kiki Art products, and I’ll make sure to keep everyone updated)).
…so no Kiki Art in your area?! :( No fret! Keep talking your local scrapbook stores into getting some of her fabulous stuff. In the mean time, there’s another way to get your hands on Kiki Art.
Kiki Art is having a HUGE giveaway for our Facebook fans! What’s up for grabs?! Well, stuff that you are going to LOVE, of course! Here’s some of the paper that’s up for grabs (to see ALL of the paper, click here):


I know you are all thinking, “How do we play?!” Here’s what Kiki wrote on Facebook:
Ok… let’s do something fun today!!! The prize? The complete LOVE/AMOR and Hot AIR Balloon collections. How to get it? Tell us what was the general theme for our blogs in January and who was your favorite author for that month. You can also leave her a comment at her post, and that will increase your chances to WIN!
Let me recap that for everyone.
1. Log onto Facebook. Then, become a FAN of Kiki Art.

2. Go to the Kiki Art’s Facebook Page, and leave a comment on her wall post stating the theme for the blog in January. Don’t know what the theme is?! Check out the Kiki Art blog to review what the majority of the posts were about. …or if you are really stuck, email me at and I’ll give you a little hint.;)
3. For another chance to win, leave a wall post stating who wrote your favorite blog post in the month of January. 
4. You have until Sunday night to play, so get to it!  

And BIG KUDOS to my Sarah for this posting.  She wrote it and I cut and pasted it!  So, this is totally Sarah's post!  Hugs to her letting me copy it.  It was a late night last night and I am not fully functioning today!!!!

Have a Scrappy Kinda Day!!!~~~Katrina


  1. hi katrina!!! finally found your blog and linked it to mine!! can't wait to have fun with you over at nikki sivils!!!

  2. you are more than welcome to take anything you want off of my blog. you've got a SPECIAL PERMISSION FROM ME! :)


  3. Can't wait to see some samples live and in person...I might be able to pull some strings and add a store to that growing list of Kiki retailers. ;)


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