Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day for the Furry Ones!! And Kiki Art giveaway soon!!!

Well, the snow finally got here that they were predicting.  It snowed all day on Friday and pretty much all night.  We woke up to white, white, and more white.  I love snow so I am not complaining a bit.  

So to celebrate the snow here are a few pictures of the dogs enjoying it.....well, when we finally got them off of the porch.

Ella isn't too sure about this stuff all over her nose!

Jetson wondering why everyone won't come out in the yard with him

Higgins, who finally decided that someone could take a picture of him!  And his legs are longer than everyone else, so that's how deep the snow is.  

Let's RUMBLE!!!!!  OR pick on Jetson, since he can be a pain.  :)

Whew, they worked me over, I am WORN out!

I will have a Kiki-Art giveaway as soon I as I get my projects back from CHA!  They are on their way here, so hopefully within the next week.  And it's going to include the super cool TOTE BAG like Kiki gave the Design Team!!!   Be sure to start looking for Kiki-Art in your LSS, we made a splash at CHA!!!!

Off to run some errands and maybe take some more snow pictures!!!  Have a great weekend.  

Have a Scrappy Kinda Day!~~Katrina


  1. We had some snow here this night too (in Belgium). Not much and it's almost gone.

  2. awwwwwww they are sooo adorable!

  3. Only one year scrapbooking and already you were this { } close to going to CHA as a DT member.... how cool is that?

    Love the dog pics, you should post some more often. I love to see doggies have fun!

  4. yay!!!! can't wait to for that giveaway even though you can count me out!! :) ummmm, and your babies would have a field day with my babies! haha. they'd go crazy together! :)

    anyway, it's late and i should prob get to bed, don't you think?! haha

    hugs to you and yours,

  5. want to welcome you to the Nikki Sivils team!!! Lovely to work with you!

  6. Welcome to the team, Katrina! I figured it was just a matter of time before you joined us! ;-)

    A huge congrats to you!



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