Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Digital Layouts..

A little ditty about how I got into this crazy paper, gluing thing called scrapbooking.

At my job, I am responsible for advertising on our digital sign for one (now two) of our stores. You have probably seen the signs I am talking about. The electronic ones that have messages changing/running across them. Our sign has the ability to import images, create multiple types of text, import animation, etc. You can put pictures up there, possibilities are endless with these things. These are the "new" age of billboards!

In the process of learning how to use the sign and since I update our website, I ended up learning Photoshop Elements. (LOVE THIS!) The ads that I put on the sign that are created in PSE, I think, are more unique that what I can create with the program that came with the sign. And more important...more readable!

So, in the process of all this, I started a blog about the dogs and wanted to make it a little more personable. A dog friend who scrapbooks, told me about free digital kits that you could use to create your blog backgrounds and headers......this is where IT began!

I decided that digital scrapbooking sounded like fun...wouldn't take up a lot of space in the house, only on the harddrive...solution for that was to buy an external drive, etc. That lasted for a couple of weeks and POOF...paper started coming in the house and hasn't stopped. :)

Here are a couple of digital layouts that I have done that are posted on my dog blog: Ella and Jetson

Happy Scrappy Day to you!

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